Project : Henninger am Turm – Brewery in Frankfurt
Category : Restaurant
Where : Frankfurt / Main – Germany
Line : System 700
Partner : Zilg-Brauneis

The recently opened “Henninger am Turm – brewery in Frankfurt” is already a city landmark, thanks to its strategic location close to Henninger Turm, once a factory producing the beer of the same name and today one of the more iconic buildings in Frankfurt.
Managed by the MoschMosch group, the brewery offers some of the city’s most famous and historic beers, such as Henninger and Binding, served as an accompaniment to a wide choice of typical regional and national dishes.
The brewery has a seating capacity for up to 280 people in its inside and outside areas.

The requirement

  • The old kitchen in the brewery was very long and narrow, running along the two sides of the pass-through area to allow dishes to be passed from the kitchen to the restaurant.
  • For chef Thomas Hirschfeld, and for Tobias Jäkel and Matthias Schönberger, the two managing directors of MoschMosch, it was essential that the new equipment be of very high quality: rugged, resistant, reliable, easy to clean and extremely high in performance for problem-free management of the constant workflow in the kitchen, from midday until late at night.
  • The equipment also had to allow simultaneous work on both sides for fast preparation and equally fast service at the tables.

The solution

  • The chef opted to continue the longstanding collaboration with the company Zilg-Brauneis Großküchentechnik, with which MoschMosch had already worked in the past on Frankfurt airport.
  • Zilg-Brauneis, managing the project, recommended the System 700 Ambach line. “We had no doubts about the choice of this line, thanks to its linear and minimalist profiles, it allows kitchen space to be used in the best possible way. All the team members can now finally work together well without cross-over but instead ensuring a regular and unhindered workflow”, said the chef.
  • The equipment supplied includes induction hobs with 4 cooking areas, griddles, fryers, bain-maries and a large worktable in the centre of the kitchen. The H3 bases are open and hygienic allowing great storage flexibility.
  • Thanks to the Ambach Seamless Joining System the modules can be joined together perfectly and allow maximum freedom of configuration and easy cleaning. The equipment allows for individual components to be replaced in time according to future menu requirements.
  • Opening the wall for the pass-through area connected to the cooking island was a real challenge when building the kitchen and meant structural changes had to be made at the design and construction stages.
  • Along with Zilg-Brauneis and the various partners involved in the project, Ambach was able to build a link between the two cooking islands perfectly, creating a worktop designed specifically to meet the structural features.
  • The work crew showed great skill and team spirit, bringing huge satisfaction for everyone involved in completing the project.