Acting in its capacity as Controller, Ali Group Srl a Socio Unico informs you that your data will be processed as follows, in compliance with applicable national laws and regulations and European Regulation no. 679/2016 (the General Data Protection Regulation or “GDPR”).

Privacy is very important to us. We want you to feel protected at all times. Therefore, we ask you to read this notice carefully.  When using our services, you send or share some information with us that allows us to provide the service in certain cases and to satisfy your needs and improve our services in other cases. We would like to explain the following to you in this document:

  1. what data we use;

  2. why and on what basis we collect your data;

  3. how your data are used;

  4. what data are mandatory and what are optional;

  5. for how long your data are kept;

  6. who can access your data;

  7. to whom your data may be transmitted;

  8. where your data may be transferred;

  9. what your rights are;

  10. who the Controller of your data is.

  1. What data do we use?

At the Ali Group Srl, we use various personal data owned by you (hereinafter, “personal data” or “data”), and specifically:

  • the identification and non-sensitive data that you provide voluntarily, for example: name, surname, address, e-mail, telephone number, company name, taxpayer identification number, or VAT registration number. These are the data that you provided us when you registered on our website or subsequently;

  • the data revealing your preferences and interests, and particularly: your connection times, traffic data, website navigation data, the IP address or domain names of the computers used by the users that connect to the website, and the devices and connections used. These data can also be collected with cookies and metadata.

  • The data identifying your position during use, which are collected by using your IP Address and Country Code.

  1. Why and on what legal basis do we collect your data?

The data that you provide us allow us to perform all administrative activities connected with use of the website. They also help us understand your interests.  More specifically, your personal data are processed for the following purposes and on the following legal bases:

  1. without your prior consent and for the purposes of the service, and in particular, to:

  • satisfy pre-contractual and contractual obligations:

    • provide you with technical information about the product and for sale of spare parts;

    • manage and maintain the website and your account on the website;

    • improve technical assistance, customer care activities, our services, content, and products through anonymized, aggregate statistical analyses;

    • perform anonymized aggregate statistical analyses.

  • pursuit of a legitimate interest of the Controller:

    • manage claims and litigation, prevent fraud and unlawful activities;

    • exercise the rights and protect the legitimate interests of the Controller, for example its right to defend itself in court;

  • legal compliance:

    • comply with and satisfy statutory, regulatory, and European Union regulatory obligations, orders and requirements imposed by the competent authorities.

  1. only after you have given your consent, for other purposes not connected with the service, and specifically for:

  • profiling, i.e. manual and/or automated analysis of your preferences and interests (e.g. the use of content and services, including purchased content and services, the functions used, connection times, traffic data, etc.), and to propose service, content, initiatives, and offers to you.

  1. How are your data used?

Your personal data are used for the collection, recording, organization, retention, interrogation, analysis, matching, elaboration, modification, selection, retrieval, comparison with data bases, utilization, interconnection, cross-checking, blocking, communication, erasure and destruction of data. Your personal data are processed on paper and by electronic and automated means, and they are kept on databases. The data collected by our website are processed on the premises of the Controller, and at the Datacenter of the Neptune Web Hosting service of Gianpiero Marino, who is the data processor that processes the data on behalf of the controller.

  1. Which data are mandatory and which are optional?

The information that we collect includes some that are indispensable for providing the service, while other information helps us provide you with a better information service. In particular, you have the option of providing your personal data processed for other purposes. Failure to provide them will not prevent you from using the website, but will make it impossible to provide certain services. Any partial or total refusal to respond will make it impossible to pursue all or part of the purposes indicated at item 1).

The mandatory data requested in the contact form (contact us page) are:

  • name
  • email address
  • request
  • acceptance of the privacy policy

The mandatory data requested in the subscribe to our newsletter form (sign up for our newsletter page) are:

  • email address
  • acceptance of the privacy policy.
  1. How long are your data retained?

Ali Group retains and uses your personal data for no more than 10 years after the end of the relationship for service purposes and, in any event until the statute of limitations runs out, for the duration of your consent, and regardless for no more than 36 months after collection of the data, for profiling purposes. In Afterwards, your data will be anonymized and processed for aggregate and anonymized statistical analyses.

The data retention time for the contact form (contact us page) are: 36 months.
The data retention time for the subscribe to our newsletter form (sign up for our newsletter page) are: 36 months.

  1. Who can access your data?

We care very much about your privacy and do everything to protect you. For this reason, we share your data only when strictly necessary and only with those who help us offer you better service every day. In fact, your data are accessible to:

  • employees and/or contractors of Amabach – Ali Group Srl or companies that help create, maintain, and improve all the services of Ali Group Srl in their capacity as persons in charge of the processing and/or internal processors

  • service providers who perform outsourcing activities on behalf of Ali Group Srl – in their capacity as external processors – by performing activities that are connected with, instrumental to, or support the activities of Amabach – Ali Group Srl, for example: management and maintenance of the websites and apps of Amabach – Ali Group Srl, management of the information technology systems, etc.

  1. To whom may your data be transmitted?

Amabach – Ali Group Srl may transmit your data without your express consent for the following service purposes:

  • to judicial authorities on their request;

  • to Group companies and to all other parties to whom they must be transmitted pursuant to law or contractual arrangements, so that the purposes described hereinabove may be performed (e.g. banks, professional firms).

These parties shall process your data in their capacity as independent data controllers. In any event, we want to reassure you that your data will not be disseminated.

  1. Where can your data be transferred?

Your data shall not be transferred outside the European Union.

  1. What are your rights?

If statutory limits do not apply, you are entitled to:

  • obtain confirmation that your personal do or do not exist, even if they have not yet been recorded and request that those data be provided to you in a clear and comprehensible form;

  • request information about and, if appropriate, a copy of:

    1. the origin and category of your personal data:

    2. the usage logic, if your information is processed with electronic instruments;

    3. the processing processes and procedures;

    4. the identification details of the Controller and of the processers;

    5. the parties or categories of parties to whom your personal data may be transmitted and who may learn about them;

    6. the period for which your data are retained or the criteria used to determine that period, when possible;

    7. the existence of an automated decision-making process, including profiling. In that case, you may request the logics used, the importance, and the consequences envisaged for you;

    8. the existence of adequate guarantees if your data are transferred to a country outside the European Union or to an international organization;

  • have your incorrect data be updated, modified, or corrected or your incomplete data be completed unless there is a justifiable delay and if you desire such changes;

  • obtain the erasure, blocking or, when possible, the anonymization of your data:

    1. if they are processed illegally;

    2. if they are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or subsequently processed;

    3. in the event of revocation of the consent on which the processing is based and if there is no other legal basis;

    4. if you have objected to the processing and there are no other legitimate reasons to continue using your data;

    5. if mandated by law;

    6. if they refer to minors.

  The Controller, i.e. Ali Group Srl, may refuse to delete your data in the following cases:

  1. exercise of the right of freedom of expression and information;

  2. compliance with a legal obligation, performance of a duty in the public interest or exercise of public authority;

  3. public health reasons;

  4. archiving in the public interest, for scientific or historic research or for statistical purposes;

  5. ascertainment, exercise, or defense of a right in court;

  • obtain limitations on the processing in the event of:

    1. a challenge against the accuracy of the personal data;

    2. unlawful processing by the Controller, i.e. Ali Group Srl, to prevent deletion of the data;

    3. exercise of one of our rights in court;

    4. verification of any legitimate rights of the Processor which have precedence over the rights of the data subject;

  • if the processing is performed by automated means, receive the personal data concerning you and that you have provided us with your consent or by contractual agreement without hindrance and in a structured, commonly used, and legible format, to transmit them to another Controller or – if technically feasible – obtain direct transmission by the Controller to another Controller;

  • oppose at any time, entirely or partially:

    1. to processing of the personal data concerning you if you have legitimate and overriding reasons connected with your particular situation,;

    2. to the processing of personal data concerning you for marketing purposes and/or profiling if that has been done (e.g. you may object to the transmission of advertising material or direct sale or market research or commercial communication activities by using automated calling systems without the participation of an operator, with e-mail and traditional marketing methods, by telephone and hard copy mail).

  In all the cases mentioned hereinabove, and if necessary, Amabach – Ali Group Srl shall inform the third parties to whom your personal data are transmitted of any exercise of rights by you, except in specific cases (e.g. when compliance with your wishes is impossible or entails the use of resources that are manifestly disproportionate to the protected right).  You may modify and revoke the granted consent at any time and exercise your rights in different ways: by sending an e-mail request to the following address: Finally, you are entitled to file a complaint with the Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali (“Personal Data Protection Ombudsman”, in regard to the processing covered by this notice.

  1. Who is the Controller and who is the Processor for processing of your data?

Whenever necessary, remember that the Controller for processing of your personal data is Ali Group Srl. The Neptune Web Hosting service of Gianpiero Marino, Via Arnaldo Da Brescia 12 – 20025 Legnano (MI), Italy is the designated processor and processes the data on behalf of the controller. The Neptune Web Hosting service of Gianpiero Marino is located in the European Economic Area and operates in compliance with European laws and regulations. Google is designated as processor and processes data on behalf of the controller (Google Analytics).  The updated list of our processors is available at the offices of Ali Group Srl Italia s.r.l. and may be requested via e-mail at the following address: This notice may be modified in consequence of changes in the law. Please consult our website to learn of any changes. Web content composed with the free online wysiwyg HTML editor. Please subscribe for a membership to remove promotional messages from the edited documents.