Project : Waldviertlerhof 
Category : Restaurant
Where : Vienna – Austria
Line : System 700
Partner : Hutterer Gastro-Systeme

Waldviertlerhof has been a byword for Viennese culture since 1842.
Originally known as ‘Georg-Passecker Steh-Weinhalle’, in 2015 it was extensively renovated through the efforts of the well-known Viennese restauranteurs Alexander and Sebastian Laskowsky.
Nowadays the excellent typical Viennese cuisine bears the signature of chef Stefan Hartl and is served in six different rooms, from the Zirbenstüberl to the Jägerstüberl and the veranda with over 250 places and the garden which can hold a further 200 covers.

The brief

  • After more than 30 years of intensive use, the kitchen had to be remodelled and the various preparation areas redesigned to best meet the work requirements.
  • The kitchen was originally divided by a wall, later demolished to connect the workstations around the central island and therefore make the most of the space available to staff. For this reason an integral part of the design brief was the need to provide different routes for the two workflows of the team in the kitchen and that in the dining area.
  • Additionally, in view of the lack of use over the years of the “Zewirkaum” area, previously given over to game, it was necessary to create a kitchen for the preparations and, at the same time, adapt the store to current hygiene standards.
  • There were several problems to manage, including the need to transport the new island through the narrow door of the building.

The solution

  • To make best use of the space available and overcome the building’s structural limitations, a made-to-measure solution was needed. This led to the choice of the Ambach System 700 line in the hygiene version mounted on a masonry plinth.
  • To allow transport through the entrance door, the new island was delivered dismantled in four parts, late welded together directly on site.
  • As well as adapting old furnishings to the existing space, a temporary kitchen was installed to leave the restaurant always open throughout the period of the works.
  • The design stage lasted around three months, while the renovation works lasted six weeks.
  • The work was carried out with maximum cooperation between the team made up of the client, Hutterer Gastro-Systeme and Ambach.