Project: U Tlustých 
Category: Restaurant
Where: Lednice – Valtice – Czech Republic
Line: System 850
Partner: Goz Gastro s.r.o.

Various historic buildings, parks and gardens make up the nature-culture complex of Lednice-Valtice that is one of the largest UNESCO World Heritage sites in Europe.  U Tlustých is a well-known restaurant in Lednice, only a few steps away from “Chateau Lednice“, in the beautiful wine growing region South Moravia, Czech Republic.   The restaurant, which opened in 2009, offers typical regional dishes as well as specialties of European cuisine.

The Requirement

  • The Tlustý family, owners of the restaurant, decided to renovate the kitchen to be more functional and efficient in order to guarantee a high level of quality that underpins the restaurant’s reputation.
  • Average meals: 400-600 per day with peaks of 800 during peak hours.
  • The old kitchen was squeezed into a very small space, equipped with appliances and tabling from various different manufactures without any operational criteria.
  • Electric power and storage space was limited.

The solution

  • Goz Gatro s.r.o. assisted the restaurant owners in finding the solution that best suited the needs of the restaurant. The choice fell on the Ambach System 850 line.
  • A combination of Electric and gas appliances were incorporated into the design – deep fryer, gas range with two cooking zones, electric pasta cooker, bain-marie and multi bratt-pan.
  • Various open bases were incorporated into the island for storing for plates & pots and spreader tables were suited to maximise the work-top areas.  Water columns were integrated into the potrack to free-up additional space.
  • Kitchen design and specification took a total of two months, while the kitchen installation took just a day!
  • The work team:
    • Goz Gastro under the management of Pavel Doležal, responsible for production
    • Marek Horák and Aleš Hrad: technical office
    • Arch Anna Fajkus – design