Project : Stormarner Werkstätten
Category : Sheltered workshop
Where : Bad Oldesloe – Germany
Line : Chef 850
Partner : Axel Baron Planungsbüro, Chefs Culinar Kiel

The German association NGD of Rendsburg has operated for over 60 years in the area of social services, organising educational workshops for children and assistance for young people, rehab for drug addicts and assistance for the elderly and persons with psychiatric problems.

In the Stormarner workshop of Bad Oldesloe, 275 disabled persons and a further 50 patients work. The persons with physical and mental disabilities work in the workshops organised by the association in order to gain the training necessary for their gradual re-entry in the world of work.

The requirement

  • In the workshops, the old kitchen range, installed almost 20 years ago, had to be replaced by a new and modern solution.
  • The structural conditions forced the use of gas technology.
  • The kitchen manager, Stefan Voss, prepares typical home-style specialities. For this reason, it was essential that the new kitchen maintained the features of the old range, i.e. the tilting bratt-pan and the boiling pans and gas cookers.
  • At the same time, more working space had to be created to increase the productivity of the kitchen. The chef has to prepare as many as 350 different menus distributed over 5 days per week. For this reason, he needed fast-working equipment, which guarantees high performance and accurate control of the temperature.
  • Moreover, in order to facilitate use of the machines by staff and above all by people with disabilities, it was necessary to provide a function for managing cooking in the simplest way possible.

The solution

  • Consultation between Axel Baron from the planning office, the consultant Stephan Bruns and the kitchen manager Stefan Voss led to the unanimous choice of the Ambach Chef 850 line.
  • Baron handled the design and the full renovation of the kitchen in just 24 days.
  • The firm’s Chefs Culinar managed the phases of transport and logistics, including installation of the Ambach range, connecting of the equipment and staff training.
  • The items of equipment were connected through the Ambach joining system, a perfect mechanism of hygienic joining that does not allow even a drop through and that facilitates enormously the day-to-day work of the kitchen staff.
  • The productivity of the kitchen was increased as requested and two tilting bratt pans, three boiling pans and a gas cooker with H3 hygienic bases were installed.
  • The kitchen manager was very satisfied: “Ambach supplied us with everything that helps our team to do their best work every day. The equipment is rugged and ensures high and precise performance. The reaction time of the equipment is excellent and our expectations in terms of hygiene and cleanliness were amply fulfilled”.
  • The tilting bratt-pans, the boiling pans and gas cooker are in use every day and in the future will be able to guarantee the preparation of as many as 450 different menu types.
  • “We’re very pleased with our choice and the excellent joint work with all our partners. The result is outstanding; the Ambach kitchen is extremely reliable and represents a true investment for the future. We’re certain that we will continue to work with a view to top performance, productivity and constantly impeccable results”, concluded Stephan Bruns.