Project : Rosewood
Category : Hotel
Where : Beijing, China
Line : Ambach Chef 850
Partner : CKP Hospitality

The Beijing Rosewood is the first hotel in the Rosewood Hotels & Resorts® chain to open in China.

Located in the heart of the lively Asian capital, Rosewood is a five-star boutique hotel which reflects the dynamic cosmopolitan atmosphere in the city.

Tradition and modernity are skilfully blended in the Rosewood to create a hotel that offers a unique experience during your stay: a place to enjoy every aspect of luxury. At the same time, the delicacies served by the six hotel restaurants allow for an unprecedented culinary experience as well as the discovery of authentic and exclusive flavours.

The Assignment

  • To meet guests’ needs in the best possible way, the hotel required a kitchen able to combine the best of Asian and Western traditions while ensuring the highest levels of quality and flexibility.
  • The Rosewood restaurants are among the best in Beijing. For this reason the hotel sought out a partner able to offer products of impeccable quality. The standards to be maintained were high and the choice did not allow for mistakes.

The Solution

  • After careful analysis the choice by Rosewood fell on Ambach, the partner most suited to meeting the hotel’s expectations.
  • Four blocks of the Chef 850 line were installed, a perfect union of flexibility, versatility and innovation.
  • The kitchen is made up of 4 islands with a single hygienic surface and specialist machines inserted in the ranges to prepare local dishes, such as the gas wok and the dim sum steamers.
  • There was a critical area to be tackled. Two cooking islands longer than five metres had to be installed on the second floor of the hotel and needed to be transported by lift. The parts therefore had to be sent to the hotel and to be assembled and welded directly on site.
  • The project was developed over a period of four years together with the design studio CKP Hospitality of Kuala Lumpur and Ali China, the Ali Group contract company for the Asian market.
  • CKP chose Ambach not only for the undisputed quality of the appliances but also for its high flexibility and collaborative approach.
  • Great satisfaction for all those involved: Ambach succeeded once again to meet all the requests by CKP and Rosewood in absolutely the best possible way.