Project : Ritz Carlton
Category : Hotel
Where : Almaty, Kazakistan
Series : Ambach System 900 + System 700 + Chef 850
Partner : Makpa

This luxury 5-star hotel is located on the foot of Alatau Mountains in Almaty and features a spa centre, an indoor pool and a fitness centre. The hotel is part of one of the most prestigious hotel chains in the world with the highest quality standards

The Brief

  • 6 new cooking suites and 3 of them are show kitchens
  • Robustness , hygiene, performance, energy savings and flexibility in the execution of the cooking suites
  • As the kitchen is open plan every detail had to be considered and fine tuned to provide complete functionality and match the locations aesthetics.

The Solution

  • In view of the different types of cooking suites were made with 3 different Ambach ranges System 900 , System 700 and CHEF 850.
  • All show kitchens have a one piece hygienic top and decorated with our Exclusive Execution ( colored panels , stainless steel knobs , steel frames , etc. )
  • In the cooking suites have been integrated with great flexibility , even specific machines for the “ Asian” area such as dim sum steamer and cold dishes
  • Numerous cooking suites were performed with our “plug & play” a box that integrates into the cooking suite all connections at a single point 
  • For better logistics all the blocks were made with joints welding which allowed to take the service elevator to the kitchens also on the upper floors of the hotel