Project : Restaurant – Bar Comera
Category : Restaurant 
Where : Munich – Germany
Line : System 900 Double Service – Exclusive Range
Partner : DG Distler Gastro Erfurt

The new Comera restaurant in the Schwabing district of Munich delights its guests with dishes inspired by the genuine Italian tradition. The ingredients, all very fresh, come directly from Italy, as do the wines on offer, carefully selected from small wineries.
For his restaurant owner Simone Pitanti has opted for a modern and elegant design brightened by Mediterranean colours to create an atmosphere showcasing the quality of the menu.
Comera is structured into different areas and offers seating for around 100 people inside and a further 80 on the terrace. An Ambach open kitchen stands in the centre of the restaurant for guests to watch the preparation live. There is a view of the outside too thanks to the large window surrounding the restaurant area.

The requirement

For Pitanti interaction with customers is crucial. “We try to advise them in the choice of menu and drinks, allowing them to watch the preparation of the dishes live”, he said.
The range, on view and the heart of the kitchen, had to meet the needs of Comera. Not just elegant, but also very rugged, efficient and easy to clean.
Pitanti is from a family of restaurateurs who own Italian restaurants in Weimar and other cities. He already has experience of Ambach horizontal cooking and wanted to use this again in Comera.

The solution

  • The choice fell on the Ambach System 900 Double Service Exclusive Range. An island made to measure, with H3 hygienic base units, single hygiene top and possibility of working on both sides.
  • The island was supplied and installed by the firm Distler Gastro from Erfurt with which the Pitanti family had already worked in the past with great satisfaction. Detlef Fischer, leading the project, was also in charge of planning and designing the kitchen.
  • The supply included: an electric induction cooker, a steak grill in compound, a pasta cooker, bain-marie and fryer.
  • The island is also fitted with four induction woks, a very unusual feature for an Italian restaurant.
  • “We’ve found that the Ambach induction woks are perfectly suitable for the needs of our kitchen”, said Pitanti. “For example we can prepare our sauces for pasta à la minute in a very short space of time. In the woks all the ingredients, like the homemade pasta, always stay perfectly al dente”.
  • “We’re very pleased with the great efficiency and speed from the woks, as also with all the Ambach equipment”, added the chef´s Giuseppe Franzese and Paolo Vitale.
  • All the equipment is surrounded by work tables. The black control panel with drip-proof profile and rounded corners is also made in stainless steel with drop shape.
  • Additional ideas also go to simplify the work flow. They include a plate rack with support for the salamander and plumbing fittings on both sides, right and left.
  • The island was built as a single part to be rotated vertically through 90° and facilitate transport into the Comera restaurant as far as possible.
  • Cooperation among all partners involved in the project was optimal. Pitanti is convinced: “with such a reliable and high-quality kitchen we are confident in achieving outstanding results and not having problems”.