Giorgia &


Project: Big Squadra, Big Mama Group
Category: Restaurant
Where: Munich & Berlin – Germany
Line: System 850
Partner: MC Küchen & Gastronomie GmbH, Marcel Cortenraad


Under the name Big Squadra, the founders of the Big Mamma Group, Victor Lugger and Tigrane Seydoux, together with their team, import the hospitable atmosphere of traditional Italian trattorias, with one hundred percent homemade, authentic Italian cuisine incorporating ingredients from artisan producers all over Italy. Giorgia in Munich and The Coccodrillo in Berlin are the latest two venues to open for the group, which currently totals 19 locations throughout Europe. Each opening has it’s own style but the common characteristic of every restaurant is the extraordinary and equally spectacular décor.

On the menu are delicious dishes such as fried cicilian arancini filled with caciocavallo cheese, creamy truffle pasta Mafaldine and of course wonderfully crispy pizza, topped with San Marzano tomatoes, Nduja salami and fior di latte. However, fish and meat are also served – all completely fresh and prepared in-house.

The requirement

  • The demands on the kitchens is high: Across the group, all dishes are freshly prepared every day – to maximise production, various appliances and flexible solutions were necessary.
  • For over 200 seats and homemade dishes every day, the restaurants definitely needed very powerful and versatile equipment.
  • To manage the high volume of Tempura cooking – fried vegetables, fish, and calamari – a very high quality fryer was required.
  • The cooking islands needed to provide sufficient working tables for food preparation with a continuous one piece top, and be easy to clean

The solution

  • Ambach System 850 island suite was designed and installed with all desired appliances.
  • The one-piece top with rounded corners and H3 substructures ensure perfect hygiene is simple to achieve.
  • For tempura, the fryer was specified with an electronic control system which precisely measures temperature fluctuations – This provides exceptional cooking results, rapid response, higher productivity and less oil consumption whilst being easy to clean down after service.
  • Also in the foreground was a round coil induction range with continuously adjustable power control, electronic pan size recognition and easy accessible, protected/ventilated electronic components.
  • No Italian restaurant is complete without pasta – the cooking island was specified with duel, high-power pasta cookers. The channel at the front keeps the water in the basin when the basket is removed and the drainage pipe is made of stainless steel for long-term durability.
  • The chargrill is electric – equipped with lava stone and water bath for exceptional contact grill cooking and also features a second griddle lift device for letting the food rest.Manufactured using cast iron, low smoke grids, continuously adjustable power control, tilting heating elements and large – water fillable – fat collecting pan.
  • Aesthetics were also carefully considered as the kitchen can be viewed from the restaurant and therefore needed to in keeping with the remarkable interior detailing.