Project : Piz Boè Alpine Lounge refuge
Category : Restaurant, lounge bar
Where : Corvara (Bolzano), South Tirol, Italy
Line : Ambach Chef 850
Partner : Niederbacher GmbH

Piz Boè Alpine Lounge is one of the most sensational and spectacular refuges in Alta Badia. A restaurant and lounge bar on the route of the famous Sella Ronda, at a height of 2200 m. A place of excellence for trying out the specialities of the culinary tradition of Alto Adige/ South Tyrol with a breathtaking view which extends from Val Badia to the Alps border. A self-service area with open kitchen for a quick break, lounge bar for an aperitif with nibbles at a high altitude and restaurant for a gourmet dinner. The Piz Boè Alpine Lounge refuge is the ideal place for meeting the needs of all palates, even the most demanding.

The requirement
  • Skicarosello AG of Corvara, the consortium which owns the refuge, needed a total rebuild of the facility. For this reason it sought a company able to follow the new project as a whole: from design to supply of the complete system of: open kitchen, modules for bar and self-service area, system of ventilation from the ceiling and equipment for refrigeration.
  • This required rugged and resistant products which meet the strictest standards of hygiene and safety and also with an innovative design. Piz Boè Alpine Lounge aims at being an upmarket mountain refuge, a place which stands out through its elegance and style without forgoing the use of typical local materials.
  • The most difficult challenge to be faced was succeeding in installing a kitchen that could meet at the same time the needs of the restaurant and the self-service area in limited space. The new structure was to handle a much higher number of covers than the previous one: 650 covers in the self-service area and 150 in the restaurant.
  • The refuge is also situated at a height of 2200 m and the only possibility of delivery of the equipment was on the ski slopes or by helicopter.
The solution
  • For such an important project Skicarosello chose Niederbacher, contracting company and consultancy, a guarantee of results and efficiency in the management of complete projects in the world of professional catering.
  • In order to handle such a large project Niederbacher confirmed once again the tried-and-tested collaboration with Ambach to ensure for the client a perfect mix of consultancy, planning, design, flexibility and unquestionable product quality.
  • A range from the Ambach Chef 850 line was installed, a byword for innovation, maximum design flexibility and reduced energy consumption. The range measures a generous 6.8 m x 1.8 m and was welded in a single piece.
  • Starting from the design and planning stage the works lasted a total of five months and were carried out on the basis of excellent cooperation between all the parties involved: the owner of the building, works management, restaurant staff and the suppliers. All was planned right down to the smallest details.
  • Niederbacher also dealt with installation of the equipment and training of staff to ensure the reopening of the refuge along the lines of maximum efficiency and punctuality.
  • Customer satisfaction was immense. The Piz Boè Alpine Lounge refuge obtained an excellent result. The equipment installed fully met expectations in terms of quality and design.