Project: Moovina
Category: Restaurant
Where: Jakarta, Indonesia
Series: Ambach System 900
Partner: Kasirano

Sophisticated and trend-setting, Moovina is the place to go when visiting Jakarta. In the heart of Plaza Indonesia, the most famous shopping mall of the city, Moovina is a dining and entertainment space that offers different settings, each one with its own clearly defined style for the ultimate customer experience. Le Jardin is a chic, welcoming oasis. Dolce is an Italian café for a quick meal that offers pizza, pasta, salads and desserts. The Mezzanine is a seductive, fascinating French restaurant with an open kitchen and lounge space.

The Brief

  • The Mezzanine serves an average of 180 meals per evening, and for events and private parties can serve up to 400 people.
  • Chef Richard Gillets provides a rich and varied menu that mixes French dishes with Vietnamese grilled specialties and the kitchen had to accommodate this mix of cuisines.
  • A sturdy, reliable and flexible kitchen was needed that can produce high productivity with exceptional quality.
  • The need to cope with the restrictions imposed by the building’s regulations, permitting delivery of the kitchen equipment only after 10 o’clock in the evening.
  • The necessity to provide on-site training for the correct use of the equipment, hygiene and maintenance.

The Solution

  • Ambach worked closely with both the Moovina food and beverage Manager William Di Nardo and local distributor Kasirano, to come up with the ideal solution.
  • Ambach proposed the System 900 Series to provide the solution for the required combination of high production, durability and quality.
  • The experience of Ambach meant that we were able to combine units and custom modules into a one piece work top, that catered perfectly for the needs and cooking style of the chef, using both gas and induction.
  • All cooking ranges were supplied complete with all wiring and piping, so that all equipment had a single point of connection for water, gas and electricity.
  • To be able to transport the equipment by elevator and escalators, the whole range was completely dismantled and the upper and lower frames detached from the work top.
  • Ambach supplied accurate documentation for each range assembly and our experienced technicians visit Jakarta regularly to conduct training on the correct use of the equipment, its cleaning and maintenance.