Project : Bordnetz – Systeme Leoni
Category :  Corporate catering
Where : Kitzingen – Germany
Line : System 900
Partner : Götz Gastroküchen, Nau Großküchentechnik

Leoni-Bordnetz Systeme is the lead company in the area of production of cables, optical fibres and services for the automotive industry and telecommunications and energy.
At the head office in Kitzingen in Germany the Group decided to invest to offer its employees quality company catering based on Mediterranean cuisine.
The project was assigned to a team made up of builders and a Leoni company committee.

The requirement

  • The kitchen and canteen were moved to a former warehouse among the production buildings where the space available is limited. The new kitchen had to be built close to the free flow area in which the meals are distributed. The range had to be compact, with wide radius corners and without gaps for easy and fast cleaning.
  • The kitchen also had to ensure total safety. To limit the risk of accidents at work, it was therefore necessary for there not to be discharge valves projecting from the front panel.
  • The flow of work had to be programmed sequentially and efficiently, optimising the space available and facilitating ergonomics as far as possible.
  • The new range had to be perfectly organised and the equipment extremely powerful and versatile to ensure speed and quality of preparation.
  • Not just a focus on quality: Leoni also requested machines with low consumption rates and which enable savings in energy consumption.

The solution

  • The company Götz Gastroküchen was chosen for the planning and coordination of the works in the new kitchen and the free flow areas in the corporate restaurant.
  • The company joined the team of builders during the phases of design and planning to gather all useful information on the implementation of the new kitchen so as to develop the solution most suitable for meeting the needs of the client.
  • Götz found the ideal partner in Ambach for this ambitious project. The System 900 series, powerful and high performance, represents the perfect solution for Leoni. “I hadn’t ever worked before with Ambach, but I’m always open to new partnerships if they represent the best solution for my clients”, claimed Günter Götz, consultant to the company.
  • Götz Gastroküchen suggested the possibility of combining the advantages of the fixed brat pan with the use of the control panel of the Ambach IQ900 multipurpose machine. Basing on this idea the two companies worked together on developing a completely new machine, the electric multipurpose fixed bratt pan provided with different areas and methods of cooking. The touch panel, located at the end of the arm of the machine, allows the height to be regulated for maximum ergonomics and simplicity of use.
  • The advantages of the machine, unique of its kind on the market, are countless:
    • Flexibility thanks to the possibility of setting cooking programmes in several phases for greater energy saving, constant quality of the foods and safe preparation.
    • Method of night-time cooking at low temperature which allows a reduction in energy consumption, avoiding work peaks and maintaining the quality intact.
    • Simplicity and maximum ergonomics thanks to the possibility of adjusting the height of the arm via the “gooseneck” LCD touch screen. This configuration allows the work area beneath the display to be left clear in order to work without hindrance.
    • Maximum hygiene thanks to a profile without gaps of the fixed bratt pan and the side discharge in the front cover. The niche where the service trolleys are placed can also be washed easily and fast with a hose so as to facilitate cleaning.
  • Two fixed bratt pans of this type (GN 2/1 and GN 3/1) and a range with induction technology and 100-litre pan were installed in the kitchen.
  • The bratt pan was found to be outstanding with clear ease of use, performances, flexibility and safety. Moreover the new machine demonstrated once again Ambach’s ability to work alongside its partners in order to create ad hoc solutions according to the needs of every client.
  • The Ambach range is also fitted with rounded corners with drainer, part for the flow of water, ducts for installation, open plinths and plinths with drawers in H3. At the side an opening through a small door has also been formed for easy access to the electrical lines.
  • The installation work was carried out by the company Nau Großküchentechnik.
  • Leoni Bordnetz-Systeme was enthusiastic about the great cooperation between all the partners. “We’ve been working to capacity for a month with excellent results”, commented the member of the Leoni internal committee, Paul Zimmermann. With the new kitchen four different daily menus can now be prepared.
  • “As a design firm with many years’ experience we seek out companies like Ambach, which look to the future and are always ready to collaborate on developing new solutions. The Ambach machines have excellent quality and their multipurpose configuration allows work with the right degree of flexibility”, added Günter Götz.