Project : Jamie´s Italian
Category : Restaurant
Where : Bali – Indonesia
Line : System 850
Partner : Kasirano

Jamie’s Italian is located in the heart of Kuta Beach, Bali’s famous entertainment and luxury shopping district. The restaurant design references the history of Bali and the contemporary and informal interior houses works by local artists. With its sunny terrace facing the street and large bar and open kitchen on the upper level, Jamie’s Italian satisfies all tastes. It’s impossible to resist the enthusiasm of this lively restaurant.

Founded in 2008 in Oxford by Jamie Oliver and his Italian mentor, chef Gennaro Contaldo, the Jamie’s Italian brand has grown rapidly and today numbers more than 60 restaurants worldwide. Every outlet offers a menu based on the authentic flavours of Italian cuisine but also on the Italian philosophy of meal times as a moment of relaxation and a time to share the pleasure of food with others.

Each Jamie’s Italian has a unique design yet there is one recurring theme: at every restaurant, no matter where it is in the world, you can sense the enthusiasm, energy and creativity that’s gone into every innovative, Italian-inspired dish on the menu.

The requirement

  • The team behind Jamie’s Italian restaurant in Bali needed a strong, rugged kitchen in which they could prepare a large number of dishes in a short time.
  • The restaurant has an impressive seating capacity of 176 over two levels yet the space available in the kitchen is just 20 square metres. For this reason, a compact solution with a minimal footprint had to be found, which would also guarantee high productivity.
  • There was a long list of demands from the client, from made-to-measure pasta cookers to refrigerated units that had to be built into the range. The entire space available had to be optimised to allow the team to work as efficiently as possible.

The solution

  • With assistance from local dealer Kasirano, the Jamie’s team decided that System 850, which offers complete configuration flexibility via a range of over 150 work modules, was the best solution to meet their needs.
  • The range supplied not only adapts perfectly to the limited space in the kitchen but also ensures high productivity and fast preparation.
  • As requested, two refrigerated cabinets were also integrated into the cooking area to store meat and vegetables. Equipment providers cannot generally supply solutions like this in such confined spaces.
  • To allow the chefs to work easily on the range, Ambach designed and produced a double steel rail for holding sauce containers. The company also met the team’s specific request for custom-designed pasta cookers with automatic water-filling systems, which freed up the team for other tasks.
  • Said Kartika Sulistiowati, CEO of Kasirano, the contractor who coordinated the project: “It was not just a challenge to customise every part of this design, but also to handle the logistics and installation of the machines. Everything had to be transported to the second floor of the restaurant with access only via a spiral staircase. We had to transport the equipment in small modules to then assemble everything in situ.”
  • This was one reason that the System 850 line was ideal for the job. Thanks to its frame structure, the range can be divided into an upper and lower part and then reassembled on site.
  • The hard work and commitment by everyone involved in the project was repaid in full with complete customer satisfaction.
    “We created exactly what the client wanted with an end result, which went even beyond their expectations. It’s wonderful to work with firms like Ambach, known for their extraordinary flexibility and capacity for customisation,” Sulistiowati said.