Project : Hugenottenhalle – Restaurant Tonino
Category : Restaurant
Where : Neu-Isenburg/Hessen – Germany
Line : System 700 & System 850
Partner : Brauneis Großküchentechnik

A famous events location in Neu-Isenburg, Hugenottenhalle is also a restaurant very well known throughout Germany and seating up to 1,000 people. Alongside events, festivals, plays, cabarets and fairs, its main room is used also by the Neu-Isenburg town council for meetings and political debates, school and Christmas celebrations.
The Tonino restaurant, located inside the Hugenottenhalle space, has for over 15 years been well known and well-loved for its renowned Italian served up by Antonio Avato, better known as Toni.
Every day, with his team, he prepares dishes for the restaurant’s 200 covers and the catering service for events hosted by Hugenhottenhalle. Whether buffets or gala dinners, the dishes are always fresh and high quality and accompanied by an excellent selection of wines.

The requirement

  • The kitchen of the Tonino restaurant had to be remodelled, choosing a new, more efficient and higher-performance cooking technology to meet the chef’s demands.
  • The new kitchen had also to be easy to clean and ensure maximum hygiene. For this reason it was necessary for all the equipment to be integrated in a hygienic top and fitted on both sides with H3 hygienic open undercounter units.
  • There were several critical factors in this respect as the island had to be positioned on the same base in concrete on which the previous one had been fitted and the height had to be 950 mm. An entirely made-to-measure design was therefore needed.
  • Installation too was not the easiest: before reaching the kitchen the island had to be brought through the restaurant and then the door of the kitchen itself.

The solution

  • In order to make their decision the management of Hugenhottenhalle and Avato relied on advice from the longstanding partner Brauneis Großküchentechnik and precious support from its designer Benjamin Fischer.
  • Without any hesitation a solution with the Ambach name was chosen, a guarantee of high quality and great flexibility in the creation of totally unique made-to-measure solutions.
  • A double cooking island was therefore devised: on the one side System 700 and on the other System 850. The combination of the two lines enabled the client’s needs to be met in full, overcoming all the technical limits imposed by the structure.
  • In particular, in order to reach the height of 950 mm required for the worktop, Ambach shortened all the understructures and added a frame in stainless steel to the existing base.
  • There were only three weeks available for dismantling the old island and installing the new one. The Ambach island was delivered in one piece and rotated in order to be transported into the entrance hall and finally through the door of the kitchen. “Moving was very complex, a really painstaking job with millimetric precision”, explained Benjamin Fischer, project manager with the company Brauneis. “Thanks to the great cooperation between all those involved we succeeded in managing everything without problems”.
  • Each side of the island was equipped with a bain-marie, two electric induction hobs and a grill. In one of the two sides a grill was also added.
  • The chef also requested a bratt pan from the System 900 line, particularly suitable for productions in the area of catering.
  • Everyone was very satisfied. The management of Hugenhottenhalle and the restauranteur Antonio Toni were enthusiastic about the two partners, Ambach and Brauneis: “great technology, great design, maximum support!”