Project : Hotel Zentlinde
Category : Hotel & Restaurant
Where : Mossautal/Odenwald – Germany
Line : System 850
Partner : Nau Großküchentechnik

Hotel Zentlinde was set up in 1830 as a small village bar. Later, around 1950, the structure was extended to become a small guest house, ultimately becoming one of the largest and best known hotel structures in Odenwald (Morsbach valley) and the surrounding area.
Whether travelling for work or pleasure, everyone admires the warm and relaxing atmosphere of the hotel which welcomes its guests in modern spaces enjoying every comfort.
Both in the à la carte restaurant with 100 covers and in the Kupferlounge bistro, chef Markus Strein delights his guests with regional and international culinary specialities. All dishes are prepared with an eye to freshness, lightness and creativity, accompanied by a choice of wines from the extensive wine list.

The requirement
Owners Hartmut and Margit Strein, third-generation managers of the hotel, wanted to renovate and expand the existing kitchen.
Hartmut and chef Markus were looking for a solution which guarantees greater efficiency in managing day-to-day work. A top-quality kitchen with gas-powered equipment, like the previous one.

The solution

  • After having visited together the Ambach kitchen in the Hotel Contel in Koblenz, designed by the company Nau Großküchentechnik, the two decided to opt for the Ambach System 850 line, impressed by the high flexibility and ruggedness of the structure.
  • Nau Großküchentechnik supervised the entire restyling project for the kitchen, installing two large cooking islands, one in front of the other.
  • Thanks to the frame architecture of the System 850 line and the Ambach joining system, the island could be transported easily through the various doors to be passed through before arriving at the kitchen. “Particularly in the case of complex transport routes and small kitchens, the high modularity and flexibility of Ambach equipment is a decisive advantage on the market”, commented Andreas Körner, CEO of Nau Großküchentechnik.
  • In order to ensure greater flexibility and facilitate the possible replacement of the equipment when faced with new menu requirements in the future, the cooking modules are connected on each side of both islands via the
    Ambach Joining System.
  • Everyone, from the chef with his team, declared themselves to be extremely satisfied with the choice. “All the equipment works perfectly. We can count on preparation speed and high performances”. And more. The Ambach cooking islands were found to be an optimal choice also in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. “Both islands can be cleaned very fast thanks to the smooth surfaces, rounded edges and neutral bases in H3 steel. This is a considerably important advantage, given the size of the kitchen”, commented the chef and the kitchen team.
  • The joint project between Nau Großküchentechnik and Ambach also worked impeccably with the utmost synergy.