Project : Hotel & Restaurant Rizzelli
Category : Hotel & Restaurant
Where : Neustadt/Aisch – Germany
Line : System 850

Distinctive, and thus unique. These words well describe Hotel & Restaurant Rizzelli, in Neustadt an der Aisch, Germany. This small but exquisite hotel, which has been run for over a half century by the Rizzelli family, is not just for business people, but also for tourists and families, especially at the weekend.
The owners, Marco and his wife Janin Meinl-Rizzelli, are known for their Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, which can be enjoyed à la carte in their restaurant, with bar and lounge.

The requirements

  • In order to work more efficiently and provide smooth service for up to 130 guests, the owners decided to expand and modernise the kitchen with a new cooking unit.
  • The Rizzellis entrusted GGV Gastro Geräte Verkauf & Verleih with all the design, planning and execution of the works. “We already knew GGV, who provided all the technical support for our previous kitchen, so we called the managing director, Gerhard Schmidt, and told him exactly what we had in mind”, says Marco Rizzelli.
  • Rizzelli had a very clear idea of the type of cooking technology he wanted: a gas cooking unit. “I went over everything in detail with GGV, from the individual elements to the entire unit.”

The solution

  • GGV followed every stage of the design and execution of the project, from the enlargement and renovation of the restaurant, through to the reorganisation and optimisation of the kitchen.
  • The company suggested the System 850 from Ambach, opting for a unit of the very highest quality, extremely robust and easy to clean.
  • In just two weeks, the old cooking unit was replaced by the new Ambach suite mounted on a stainless steel base, utilising both gas and electric systems. “The operational requirements of the kitchen made this combination essential”, explains Gerhard Schmidt, managing director of GGV.
  • The new unit includes eight gas burners, a glass-ceramic cooktop, a pasta cooker, a steak grill, and a deep fryer. Upon Marco Rizzelli’s request, Ambach were able to incorporate an existing cooking element into the hygienic top.
  • Both sides of the unit were fitted with H3 open lower cabinets, refrigerated drawers, dish-racks, and two folding side tables for extra space. “Now we can put away our electric kitchen appliances when not in use and keep the food refrigerated, ready for use when we require during preparations”, explained Rizzelli.
  • The owners say they are very satisfied with the choice of Ambach. “Faster and more efficient, with better workflow in the kitchen. Just two days after installation, we could already see a remarkable improvement in service and food quality, which convinced us even further that we’d made the right choice,” says Rizzelli.
  • And the collaboration was all plain sailing: “GGV and Ambach were extremely professional and they were with us all the way, throughout the entire project”, concludes Rizzelli.