Project : Hotel Das Tegernsee restaurant
Category : Hotel
Where : Tegernsee, Germany
Line : Ambach System 700 DS
Partner : HPM Consult Hans-Peter Mühlethaler, HoGaKa Profi

Hotel Das Tegernsee is located in a strategic setting. At an altitude of 800 metres, inside the “Sengerschloss” castle, the hotel offers a marvellous view of the lake of the same name and spectacular scenery. The restaurant accepts outside clients as well as guests of the hotel. Das Tegernsee, in fact, is not just a highly sophisticated hotel with conference rooms, spa and areas for relaxation, but also the ideal place for tasting outstanding culinary delights. In autumn 2014 the castle reopened together with the Alpenbrasserie restaurant, well known for the fine selection of meat and fish.
Simple yet delicious, prepared with the freshest seasonal products” is how chef Horst Trautwein describes the day’s specials on the menu of the restaurant.

The requirement

  • Chef Horst Trautwein needed a modern, high-quality kitchen able to serve around 60-80 meals a day with regional and international specials. The space available was minimal. Because of this, a highly compact and fully equipped kitchen was necessary to allow maximum function and flexibility in managing the workflow.
  • The equipment had to be efficient and reliable for fast, high-quality preparation of dishes. The arrangement of the cooking area, the refrigerated base units and drawers had to be designed to facilitate optimal organisation of the workflow. The range also needed to have a single hob to ensure maximum hygiene.
  • The kitchen had to be high-performance, attractive and designer-made because it is on view to clients when the door to the area where it is located stays open. For this reason maximum focus on aesthetics and the use of colours coordinated with those in the restaurant were required.

The solution

  • Together with Trautwein,  who was involved from the design stage, a compact range was chosen from the Ambach System 700 Double Service line, which allows work from both sides of the kitchen.
  • HPM Consult developed and monitored the project in every detail, while the company HoGaKa Profi supplied the Ambach range, assisting with assembly, installation and training throughout.
  • The range is built on a plinth and integrates four induction hobs, a hotplate and a pasta cooker in a single hygienic surface. The upper shelf of the range leaves the space needed to put the grills away together with the various utensils and plates.
  • The work surface and the refrigerated base units are classed in terms of hygiene as H3 for easy and fast cleaning.
  • Anthracite grey was chosen as the colour of the controls panel, which together with the upper space for pans brings to the range an exclusive and highly elegant quality.