Project : Hotel Winkler
Category : Hotel
Where : St. Lorenzen – Italy
Line : System 850
Partner : Niederbacher

The name Winklerhotels embodies exclusivity and premium quality for an unforgettable stay in the splendid setting between the Val Pusteria, the Dolomites and Plan de Corones. In the four hotels that make up the Group Winklerhotels offers relaxation, sport and well-being for all ages and all tastes.
Moreover, every stay is also a journey of discovery of alpine and Mediterranean dishes from gourmet Alto Adige cuisine based on a careful selection of the raw materials and use of local products of excellence.

The requirement

  • Around one year ago, in June 2017, the Hotel Winkler was reopened in San Lorenzo di Sebato, one of the structures owned by the family of the same name which heads the company Winkler Hotels GmbH.
  • The hotel has renovated the entire kitchen with cutting-edge equipment to offer increasingly high quality.
  • For such a significant renovation it was essential to choose a partner who offered an all-round service design of a made to measure kitchen, but also creation of a buffet area and supply of all the refrigeration equipment.
  • Preserving the existing but also daring to do something new. The Hotel Winkler project presented the challenge of achieving an optimal balance between tradition, innovation, and quality.

The solution

  • The Winkler family decided to count on invaluable assistance from Niederbacher, lead company in the area of gastronomic outfitting in Alto Adige to meet the challenge.
  • For the main cooking equipment Niederbacher proposed the Ambach System 850 line which was chosen for its modular line, high degree of flexibility and guarantee of high performance.
  • The design of made-to-measure solutions both for the cooking zone and the refrigeration area enabled optimal use of the entire space available. This was made possible thanks to careful planning and preparation of the work upstream, consisting of painstaking every detail of the project.
  • The work was carried out in a total of seven months, while handover and installation of the Ambach cooking island took place and all the items of equipment for the refrigeration area were made available in only four weeks.
  • The end result is the creation of one of the most innovative and leading-edge catering structures in Trentino Alto Adige.
  • All this was carried out without hitches thanks to the excellent organisation, planning and synergy between the client and the firms of architects Bauart AG and Archifaktur, alongside the team from Niederbacher.