Atelje Vina Šapat

Project: Atelje vina Šapat – Wine Atelier Shapat
Category: Fine Dining Restaurant
Where: Novi Slankamen, Republic of Serbia
Line: System 850
Partner: GASTRO-TIM d.o.o


Atelje vina Šapat has a very clear vision: with excellent cuisine, highly professional service and a unique customer experience, they want to establish themselves as a gourmet restaurant that will become a top name in gastronomy. That objective was reflected in the requirements for the kitchen equipment; not only did the solution need to meet demanding quality standards but also the aspirations for being a candidate for a Michelin star.  The aim of Atelje vina Šapat was to create a place in which every detail – from the equipment in the kitchen to the ambience of the dining room – meets the restaurant’s high culinary level and expertise.

The requirement

  •     The existing space needed to be optimized to accommodate all the high-end appliances required for a gourmet kitchen.
  • The goal: to use every available square centimetre in the kitchen to enable efficient work processes and deliver culinary excellence.
  •  The clever combination of the latest equipment technology and design creativity was configured for the kitchen in such a way that the chefs have enough free space to be creative.
  • The kitchen can be seen from the dining room, so the aesthetics of the cooking island needed to be coordinated with the style of the restaurant.

The solution

  • With careful planning, the cooking island was configured to maximise efficiency and ensure smooth working processes.
  • The dealer and planner Gastro Tim works closely with professional chefs to benefit from their expertise in the use of the latest equipment technology in top-class catering.For Atelje vina Šapat, a cooking island was developed using the expertise of both sides, which offers the absolute precision and performance of high-quality kitchen appliances and at the same time leaves enough free space for the creativity of the chefs.
  • An island was delivered, equipped with griddles, gas ranges and a salamander grill.
  • Every appliance, every specification and every detail of the design has been tailored precisely to the customer’s requirements.The design of the cooking block with gold knobs, black panels and brass handrail is perfectly adapted to the elegant ambience of the restaurant.
  • The design and production time of the cooking island took two months. The installation of the kitchen was under 5 days and was followed by a three-day training course for the employees.