Project : Fischerwirt
Category : Restaurant
Where : Schlehdorf, Germany
Line : Ambach Chef 850 & IQ850
Partner : Trendline Michael Schmötzer

Fischerwirt is one of the most famous and popular café-inns in Bavaria. Located at the foot of the Schlehdorf monastery, between the Tölzer Land and the “blue” Land of Bavaria, Fischerwirt is famed for its versatile culinary delicacies, which extend well beyond seasonal and regional specialities. Since 1993, the inn has offered a range of specialities from Trentino Alto Adige and Switzerland, but also traditional dishes from Asian cuisine.
The chef, Alfons Adam, acquired great experience in the kitchens of the prestigious Kempinski hotels in Munich and Alpenhof Murnau, is also a keen hunter and specialised in creating dishes with the meat, poultry and fish of Bavaria.

The requirements

  • Fischerwirt needs to increase the number of diners to 600 a day, with an à la carte menu for each one. To satisfy this demand, the workflow in the kitchen has to be perfectly organised and the staff need to have extremely flexible, high-performance equipment.
  • The machines will be used intensively and must ensure a high degree of multi-functionality, in order to streamline the workflow and ensure that the kitchen staff can prepare dishes rapidly and with the highest standards of quality. For its kitchen, Fischerwirt also requires modular equipment to allow for maximum freedom of configuration in the future.
  • The electrical connections are limited, so the main focus must be on gas equipment. Cleaning too must be rapid and thorough. This means it will be necessary to install a single top with radiating sides.

The solution

  • For its new kitchen, Fischerwirt has chosen Trendline Michael Schmötzer’s Chef 850 Ambach coupled with the integrated multifunction electric IQ850 cooking system.
  • The Chef 850 unit can be used simultaneously from both sides, boosting output and saving time. The unit includes no fewer than 12 gas burners, a large griddle, two gas ovens for typical Bavarian roasts, two deep fryers and two bain-marie units.
  • The worktop and the neutral bases in hygienic H3 make for rapid, easy cleaning.
  • The combination of the Chef 850 line with the integrated IQ850 cooking system is the perfect solution for Fischerwirt’s needs. Thanks to its innovative coupling system, the Chef 850 cooking unit ensures all the freedom of configuration of a modular kitchen, together with the highest standards of hygiene. IQ850, on the other hand, is a powerful, rapid, space-saving solution for establishments like the Fischerwirt, where space is limited, but which is extremely dynamic in terms of productivity.