Project : Fiorital
Category : Restaurant
Where : Padova, Italy
Line : Ambach Chef 850
Partner : Rogi

Over its 40 years in business, Fiorital has become a byword for high quality and innovation, recognised as unchallenged leader on the Italian and European market for fish.
The location opened recently in the heart of Padua is unique of its kind. With seating for as many as 120 people, it allows customers to purchase fish already cleaned to cook at home or try out the specialities prepared on the spot by the chefs in their open kitchen. The choice is extensive and covers fish species selected from all over the world.

The requirement

  • Fiorital needed an area dedicated to show cooking. A space where the public can watch fish being prepared directly. The solution needed to combine superior function with the necessary attention to detail required by an open kitchen.
  • A crucial factor for Fiorital was to have a kitchen that guarantees the highest levels of hygiene. An even more important requirement in the case of processing a product such as fish, which must be consumed fresh and properly cleaned.

The solution

  • Fiorital chose the Ambach Chef 850 line for its Padua location: a new frontier in modular kitchens that allows outstanding flexibility and freedom of configuration. The ease of assembly enabled the main range to be built directly on site and made access to the location easier.
  • The range has a single hob to make cleaning easier and meet the strict hygiene standards demanded by Fiorital. The hob was also lowered to facilitate installation of the ovens.
  • The stainless steel knobs on the control panels in red are a perfect example of Ambach design and creativity.
  • Aesthetics go hand in hand with quality. The structure of the range with stainless steel frame ensures ruggedness and durability.
  • The work to fit out the Fiorital location lasted approximately one year yet installation of the kitchen was fast and was finished in just one week. The invaluable collaboration between the technicians of Ambach and Rogi, the dealer who handled the project, was an example of efficiency and competence.