Project : Excelsior Hotel Gallia
Category : 5 stars Hotel
Where : Milan, Italy
Line : Ambach Chef 850 – System 900 – System 900bf
Partner : Grandimpianti Ali
Consultant : GWP ltd.

The Excelsior Hotel Gallia is a luxurious Art Nouveau hotel erected in 1932. Owned by Katara Hospitality and run by the US multinational Starwood Hotels, the hotel has regained its original splendor after a meticulous, multi-million-dollar restoration that added a modern flair to the hotel’s Belle Époquearchitecture and sophisticated 1930s ambiance.

The Need

  • The Excelsior Gallia was looking for an update and entrusted the renovation work to the famous Milan-based architect Marco Piva. The goal was to create a setting that evoked the history of excellence of the city of Milan in a space that would highlight the values of architecture, design, tradition and fashion— the embodiment of style, elegance and sophistication in hospitality for its international guests. The project concerned both the historic main building and the more modern wing of the hotel.
  • The cuisine offered by hotel would also need to meet the high expectation of its guests. Excelsior Gallia seeks to provide the best in traditional Italian cuisine with a modern touch, and to ensure dining excellence, it takes kitchens that are both reliable and well designed down to the last detail.
  • There were threekitchens to be redone. On the top floor, there is the kitchen that serves the roof-top restaurant and cocktail bar, Terrazza Gallia, which is run by the duo Enrico and Roberto Cerea, chefs who share three Michelin stars. On the ground floor, there is the kitchen of the Gallia Restaurant, which is an ideal setting for breakfast, business lunches, private dinners, and other events. Finally, there is the kitchen of the sophisticated tavern, the place for a more intimate lunch or dinner.

The Solution

  • The Excelsior Hotel Gallia designed by the leading UK based consultant GWP ltd., turned to Grandimpianti, the contracting firm of the Ali Group that provides a full range of services from project layout to post-sale support, to oversee the project.
  • In order to meet the high quality standards required, Grandimpianti went with Ambach kitchens, which ensure the highest level of flexibility, innovation and durability.
  • The System 900 line was the best choice for the high-volume needs of the main and ground-floor kitchens. For the main kitchen, version BF of the System 900 line has been installed. This version features suspended units that facilitate cleaning and ensure the utmost in hygiene. For the top-floor kitchen, Grandimpianti recommended Chef 850, the modular line that offers great flexibility in configuration. Being extremely easy to assemble, it is the solution best suited to installations and on-site welding in such an elevated location.
  • It was a complex project, in terms of both planning and execution, and took two and a half years, from 2012 to May 2015. Grandimpianti and Ambach worked together to adapt the concept and the layout of the kitchen to the needs of the hotel in terms both of space and of menu type and execution, while also adapting the project to meet the requirements of Italian laws and regulations. The end result was a layout custom designed for Excelsior Gallia to enhance both ergonomics and the kitchen’s workflow.
  • It was an example of extraordinary teamwork that satisfied the client in every way, and it would not have been possible without the hard work and great dedication of everyone on the Ambach-Grandimpianti team.