Project: Ceresio 7
Category: Restaurant
Where: Milan, Italy
Series: Chef 850
Partner: Kent

Milan has a new gourmet address: Ceresio 7. This new chic and casual restaurant recently opened on the roof top of the prestigious Dsquared palazzo building is directed by the ex-chef of the Bulgari hotel Elio Sironi, a lover of simple cuisine made from high quality ingredients. Over looking much of Milan electrifying old and new architecture, Ceresio 7 is a location where a mix of stunning culinary artistry and electrifying views are guaranteed.

The Brief

  • In the restaurant where chef Sironi offers a varied and refined menu and a guarantee that each and every dish is of the highest quality, he needs to count on a reliable and high performing kitchen.
  • The restaurant kitchen is located on a rooftop which has a relatively small footprint and provided reduced accessibility.
  • The location manager requested that the facility be energy efficient.

The Solution

  • Ambach proposes the Chef 850 series, that is compact and allows for freedom of movement and excellent workflow in the kitchen. Ambach proposed the powerful and compact Chef 850 series that allows for freedom of movement and excellent kitchen workflow.
  • The modularity of Chef 850 enabled easy transportation, with individual units delivered to the location and installed into a single block on site.
  • The unique seamless, joint-less system means that the cooking range offers excellent levels of hygiene.
  • The kitchen was designed and manufactured to reduce energy costs to a minimum.