Project : Burg Gleiberg 
Category : Restaurant
Where : Wettenberg/Hessen – Germany
Line : System 850
Partner : GeS Krenzer

Burg Gleiberg boasts a long history spanning more than one thousand years. Once the residence of Count Friedrich von Luxemburg, today it is an exclusive venue for absorbing culture and delighting the palate thanks to the rich menu of its restaurants headed by Axel Horn, versatile chef and manager of the facility.

The castle has as many as five kitchens of which three are used for weddings, conferences, parties and other various events, and two used for the à la carte restaurants: Nassauer Stube, known for its French cuisine, and Albertus Klause in which the maître rotisseurs and the Euro Toques chef prepare typical local dishes.

The brief

  • The kitchens in the à la carte restaurants had to be remodelled with solutions that would ensure high performances, reliable results and a workflow designed to speed up preparation as far as possible, especially for à la minute dishes and those based on fresh ingredients.
  • Cleaning was also a crucial factor in the choice. The islands had to allow fast and easy cleaning for hygiene without compromise.
  • The kitchen also needed to be attractive in appearance and everything had to work perfectly as the chef is used to inviting guests directly into the kitchen so that they can watch him work.

The solution

  • Pleased with the Ambach equipment used in the preparation kitchen, the chef was in no doubt about opting again for Ambach for the restaurant kitchens too.
  • However, while there were very definite expectations, there were still a number of challenges to be faced, linked to the architecture of the spaces, such as for example the very high ceilings and uneven walls. The walls could not be altered in any way and the new kitchen had therefore to be adapted to the space available.
  • A load-bearing column standing in the middle of the room where the kitchen is located meant a special recess had to made with millesimal precision to make best use of the space available.
  • Not only the walls but the castle ceilings and floors too are uneven which meant difficulties in stabilising the island on the floor.
  • A further restraint came from retaining the old extractor hood, in other words the kitchen had to be adequately dimensioned in relation to the hood while observing fire prevention regulations in full.
  • The choice fell on the Ambach System 850 line which, thanks to its modular design, was easily transported onto the premises of the old castle. With over 150 modules available and endless composition possibilities, it allows the kitchen to be changed and redesigned over the years.
  • The Ambach Joining System and the single hygiene top were equally decisive factors in the chef’s decision.
  • Creation of the kitchen was made possible thanks to teamwork which saw maximum collaboration between the chef and the consultant from the company GeS Krenzer.
  • Thanks to innovative Ambach technology, the new kitchen allows high quantities to be produced in a very short time and without effort.