Project : BollAnts – Spa im Park
Category : Hotel
Where : Bad Sobernheim, Rheinland-Pfalz – Germany
Line : System 850
Partner : Wirtz GmbH

BollAnts – Spa, housed in the Bad Sobernheim wellness centre, is considered to be one of the 20 best spa hotels in Germany. Furthermore it was here where, in the early 20th century, the famous Felke therapy was devised, a byword since then for a balanced style of living made up of a healthy diet and naturopathic treatments.
The hotel was built in 1907 by the great-grandfather of the family of owners, Bollant-Anton, and extends for 120,000 square metres divided up among accommodation facilities and private gardens, both designed to create a true haven of peace for guests.
The six private lodges allow you to restore wellbeing in solitude, while a large wellness centre, with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, relaxation treatments and medical treatments, contributes to total relaxation.

The dining options are served up in three different restaurants to satisfy every palate. They include the Jungborn restaurant, awarded a Michelin star and the undisputed reign of the two chefs Jens Fischer and Philipp Helzle, the gourmet restaurant Hermannshof for Mediterranean cuisine and the main restaurant inside the Villa in which only the hotel guests can enjoy the delicacies prepared by chef Jens Gilcher and sous-chef Fabian Schwan.

The requirement

  • Parallel to the renovation work on the Villa and the need to add 160 covers in the restaurant, it was found to be necessary to move and expand the kitchen.
  • The kitchen had to continue to function during the renovation, cooking for hotel guests, those residing in the private lodges, for dishes to be served in the Jungborn and Hermannshof restaurants and also the events catering service.
  • For this reason the owner of the Bollant Anton hotel and chef Jens Gilcher sought a small, compact cooking island, fitted out with innovative and high-performance equipment together with necessary work surfaces for preparation.
  • The owners opted for invaluable support from Jürgen Wirtz, CEO of the company Wirtz GmbH. who in turn recommended choosing Ambach, long-term partner of Wirtz for around 40 years.

The solution

  • A modular cooking island was therefore chosen from the Ambach System 850line, which immediately became the nerve centre of the new kitchen in the Villa. A small gem in back-to-back configuration, distinctive in its ruggedness and performance.
  • Preparation of the healthy dishes required two induction hobs on each side of the cooking island with a compound grill and pasta cooker. All the equipment was then integrated into a single hygienic surface for ease of cleaning.
  • Thanks to the H3 open lower base units an additional space was formed in the kitchen, very useful for arranging the cooking utensils.
  • Another innovative addition to the suite was engineered incoporating two panels hinged laterally on one side of the cooking island, a perfect solution for creating the necessary work surface and storage space, especially for large-scale catering for events.
  • Wirtz monitored the works throughout, from design to development and installation of the kitchen in the Villa.
  • Collaboration among all the partners was excellent. In fact the owners, chef and sous-chef declared themselves very pleased with the new Ambach System 850 cooking technology. “Arrangement of the equipment is outstanding as it allows us to work without stress and with maximum efficiency and speed of preparation. We were certain right from the start that Ambach was the right choice”, said Jens Gilcher.