Project : Boathouse
Category : Restaurant and Lounge Bar
Where : Hamburg – Germany
Line : System 700 Exclusive Range
Partner : Cramer! GastronomieSysteme GmbH

Thomas Macyszyn, award-winning chef and owner of the restaurant, couldn’t have chosen a better place for his restaurant, the Boathouse. Situated on the banks of the Isebek canal, in the Eppendorf district of Hamburg, it offers a modern and welcoming space for enjoying fresh shellfish and other fish dishes every day.
Watching as the dishes are prepared, relaxing and enjoying a sophisticated menu of very high quality, this is the unique experience with which Macyszyn aims at delighting his customers.
Boathouse offers an à la carte restaurant with 50 covers, a chef’s table, a “restaurant in the restaurant”, reserved for just 8 guests served directly by Macyszyn and a bar area with other seating places at the counter from which the kitchen is visible. On the summer terrace of the Boathouse with a view over the Isebek a wide variety of fish delicacies can be tasted, prepared with the utmost care and accompanied by appropriately chosen wines and cocktails. Boathouse is the ideal place for a romantic evening for two and for celebrating any type of event such as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings.

The requirement

  • All the guests in the various catering areas have to be pampered with very high quality fish dishes. A range was therefore necessary which allows simultaneous work on both sides so as to speed up the various processes by optimising the space available.
  • The range is visible to the restaurant guests. It must therefore be well designed but also very rugged, powerful and extremely easy to clean.
  • Thomas Macyszyn had very clear requirements of how to organise the kitchen.
  • He also asked for the range to be personalised with the restaurant logo on the side and the control panel to be coloured and ergonomic.
  • The restaurant offered up several structural constraints. The space available in the kitchen is limited and the range had necessarily to be transported vertically into the kitchen.

The solution

  • Macyszyn’s choice fell on the Ambach System 700 Exclusive range, the compact line with high performances.
  • The range was supplied and installed by the company Cramer!GastronomieSysteme, which also monitored design of the kitchen and dining room.
  • The range, made to measure, allows work on both sides and is fitted with a single hygiene top for simple and fast cleaning.
  • The following were also supplied: two electric grill pans (small and large), double fryer and two electric induction cookers. All this fitted with neutral bases and modules in H3.
  • With an unusual yet, at the same time, ergonomic shape, the dark blue control panel with anti-drip edge and rounded corners is made in stainless steel with a drop shape, almost as if to simulate the bow of a ship. The Boathouse logo has been inserted on the visible side of the kitchen, another exclusive detail of the range.
  • Working in synergy, Ambach and Cramer! GastronomieSysteme brilliantly solved the problem of transporting the range into the restaurant kitchen. The range was prepared at the Ambach plant so as to rotate vertically through 90° for easy transport.
  • Macyszyn and his team are very satisfied with the high performances of the Ambach range – extremely reliable, powerful and perfect for taking care of every detail of the sophisticated dishes served in the restaurant.