Project : BBS Oldenburg
Category : Education
Where : Oldenburg – Germany
Line : System 700
Partner : Gaplatec, Chefs Culinar GKT

On 1 September 2015 the vocational college BBS 3 planned to move to a new school building. With a  large teaching staff of 150 to train around 3,000 students attending more than twenty different full and part-time courses to learn to work successfully in the hotel and catering industries.

In the so-called “marketplace” of the college the students offer their classmates and teachers every day the dishes prepared during classes, from mid-morning and afternoon snacks to dishes for lunch and those made specially for events organised by the school.

The requirement

  • BBS 3 needed to fit out 6 kitchens for there new college facility.
  • More specifically, these are three with 18 workstations which students can use to prepare and do the homework assigned to them. The same kitchens are used for exams.
  • The college needed a kitchen for catering and one for large-scale production.
  • Not just high performance – the equipment also had to be attractive and rugged. The choice of a partner able to best understand the needs of the college and supply the most appropriate solution was therefore fundamental.

The solution

  • Designers Niering&Seifert and Gaplatec carefully analysed the needs of the college to develop a design which enabled them to be met in the best possible way.
  • After extensive market research and detailed briefing, BBS chose System 700, the compact high-performance line from Ambach which guarantees maximum flexibility of configuration and ad hoc solutions for every need.
  • The company Chefs Culinar were chosen to deliver and install the kitchens.
  • In the kitchen used for training 6 double ranges were installed with 12 workstations for cooking simultaneously on both sides. The ranges are equipped with electric induction cookers, work tables, refrigerated base units and neutral elements.
  • The kitchen for the large-scale production is equipped with a double range and two high-production pieces of equipment – a tilting bratt pan and an electric saucepan.
  • All equipment was made to measure by Ambach with a height of 700 mm.
  • All units have an appealing design and H3 category lower base units. Also, thanks to the single piece hygienic tops and rounded edges they allow easy and fast cleaning.
  • The college management was highly satisfied both with the Ambach kitchens and the excellent collaboration and support. “The Ambach kitchens are not only perfect for training our students but also represent actual equipment found in the workplace for catering professionals”, commented the college head, Hannelore Guthold.