Project: Atlantic Kempinski
Category: 5 STARS
Where: Hamburg, Germany
Line: Ambach System 700 and System 900
Partner: Gottschalk and Krefft

The Atlantic Kempinski is a 5 star luxury hotel located in the heart of Hamburg, Germany. Wrapped in other world atmosphere, it is one of the most illustrious hotels in Europe. For over one century, it has stood out for the level of hospitality and a long list of famous guests. The two gourmet restaurants of the hotel that are amongst the most renowned in the city.

The brief

  • The hotel needs to replace the old kitchen, damaged and no longer performing at its best.
  • The new kitchen should be extremely flexible to allow the chef Thomas Wilken to express his creativity to the fullest and to fulfill customers’ needs.
  • It is necessary to combine high quality dishes with large production. The kitchen of the hotel works for the restaurant, the bar, the Atlantic catering company for events of up to 3500 people.
  • The substitution of the kitchen includes the renewal of the plumbing and electrics, flooring and wall cover.
  • The work needs to be completed within a very short space of time because the kitchen of the hotel cannot be closed.

The solution

  • The hotel chooses Ambach for its reliability and the highest standards of quality, performance and hygiene.
  • The cooking block is installed in one single stainless steel piece with four components of System 900 together with a module of System 700. Invisible waterproof joins make them into a single hygienic top.
  • Thanks to the new generation of induction cook tops, there is less ambient heat loss and improved working conditions in the kitchen.
  • Compared to the previous kitchen, the new Ambach kitchen saves more than 50% of the energy previously required.
  • The position of the various cooking elements is ergonomic and is a perfect reflection of the work flow in the kitchen. This creates a comfortable work environment and saves time.
  • The chef is extremely satisfied: the kitchen lives up to his expectations and standards. The invaluable help of consultants Krefft e Gottschalk made installation quick and easy.