Project: Andaz
Category: Boutique 5 star hotel
Where: Shanghai
Series: Ambach System 700
Consultant: CKP Malesia
Partner: Ali China

Andaz is the Hyatt Groups new collection of 5 star boutique hotels that are the ideal location for demanding, cosmopolitan travellers that expect the best in design, elegance and comfort. The first Andaz in Asia was opened this year in the heart of the famous city of Shanghai, near Zhong Road, the main street for shopping and entertainment.

The Brief

  •  Project consultants CKP Hospitality, together with the Hyatt’s executive chef wanted to create a kitchen that guaranteed the highest level of quality and flexibility.
  • The restaurant needed to be able to offer an international menu, that included typical Asian cuisine, as well as traditional European recipes.
  • Although the facility has a limited amount of space, the kitchen needed to be able to handle and deliver the extremely sophisticated menu.
  • As the kitchen is open plan every detail had to be considered and fine tuned to provide complete functionality and match the locations aesthetics.

The Solution

  • Ambach recommended the System 700 series as it assured the highest level of quality and durability for smaller facilities.
  • Two ranges were supplied with one piece hygienic tops; one for Western cuisine and one for Asian cuisine.
  • Installed side by side the two ranges are separated by a granite prep table. The first has a grill, solid plate and a deep fat fryer, the second has two dim sum and 40 kW gas wok burners.
  • To completely satisfy the needs of the local cuisine, the equipment for the oriental menu were made-to-measure in Asia, under the guidance of Ambach  technicians and the project manager.
  • For the range dedicated to oriental cuisine, Ambach supplied the chassis, the doors and a one piece work top, already prepared to receive the dim sum and wok burners. Every phase of the production of the special pieces was overseen to ensure the same finish of stainless steel as the Ambach equipment.
  • Ambach collaborated throughout the course of the project with consultants CKP and Spin the Japanese studio in charge of interior design, to guarantee the optimal aesthetic results.