Donautherme Ingolstadt

Project: Donautherme Ingolstadt
Category: Restaurant and Free Flow gastronomy
Where: Ingolstadt – Germany
Line: System 850
Partner: HoGaKa Profi, Nürnberg


At the Donautherme in Ingolstadt, there is something for everyone: those who prefer sport can work out in the wasserKRAFT Fitness while those who want to take it easy will find tranquillity in the thermal baths, followed by a soothing massage.  Energetic family time is also offered – the adventure pool promises fun and action for both the young and old.  The cuisine is also varied with free flow gastronomy in the adventure pool, the á la carte restaurant in the sauna world and the pool bar in the new thermal baths ensure moments of culinary pampering.

The requirement

  • The kitchen was to serve the three catering areas, daily from 11:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. At peak times, the Donautherme can accommodate up to 1,200 visitors.
  • The demands on the kitchen are high: The dishes in the Free Flow gastronomy range from fries to currywurst to chicken nuggets – and also serves the á la carte restaurant with salad variations, pasta dishes and steak plates. The cooking block was to meet the requirements of the diverse range of dishes on offer.
  • The cooking island should be as powerful as it is robust.

The solution

  • For maximum performance, the customer chose the System 850 line with a one-piece hygienic top.
  • The cooking block has two induction zones, 4 deep fryers, two electric chip scuttles for keeping the food warm and four griddle plates with smooth and grooved compound stainless steel plates.
  • The one-piece hygienic top of the modular cooking island ensures maximum cleanliness and easy cleaning.
  • The flexibility of the solution ensures that the various catering areas are optimally supplied with the respective range of dishes.
  • Thanks to its smooth surfaces, rounded edges and H3 substructures, the cooking island from Ambach is also a good choice for the Donautherme kitchen in terms of ease of cleaning and hygiene.
  • The planning and installation of the cooking island was carried out in close collaboration between Ambach and the kitchen planners from HoGaKa Profi, and the implementation went smoothly.


Hotel Mandelhof

Project: Hotel Mandelhof
Category: Hotel
Where: Cornaiano, South Tirol
Line:System 700
Partner: Niederbacher GmbH


Located directly on the South Tyrolean Wine Route, in the rolling hills above Bolzano, the Hotel Mandelhof offers a wonderful starting point for hiking or cycling tours, trips to the swimming lakes or simply a relaxing day in 6,150 square meters of greenery with an outdoor pool and wellness area.

Guests can choose between thirty modern, comfortable rooms and suites, and their physical well-being is also taken care of: The breakfast buffet ensures a perfect start to the day with fresh juices, homemade jams, and sweet and savoury delicacies. Italian pasta dishes and traditional specialties are offered for a small appetite at lunchtime, and the five-course menu with a choice of options in the evening offers a tour of South Tyrolean cuisine completed.

The requirement

  • The entire kitchen area was redesigned with a focus on optimizing logistics, routes, ergonomics, performance, and technology.
  • More space and a pleasant and efficient working environment should be created for employees.
  • A new Island had to fit exactly to the customer’s requirements in terms of work processes and room layout.
  • The quality of the food and service should be increased as part of an optimal kitchen layout.
  • The visual appearance also has to be right – guests at the Mandelhof are welcome to take a look into the kitchen at any time.

The solution

  • The decision was made in favour of Ambach because the company is known for high-quality cooking technology and is a local manufacturer.
  • In order to expand the existing space, several walls were broken through, and the former boiler room was relocated. This created space for, among other things, a warehouse with cold cells, a preparation line, a dishwashing line and the main kitchen. Ambach tailored the new cooking block precisely to the needs of the Hotel Mandelhof, so that it fits optimally into the new kitchen layout with short distances and efficient work processes. From both sides you can access the passport, storage, and combi steamer in just a few steps.
  • The island has a starter line with induction, pasta cooker and bratt-pan as well as a starter line with grill, deep fryer and induction. The kitchen is designed for three to four cooks, but depending on how busy the restaurant is, it can also easily be served by one cook.
  • A cooking block from the System 700 line was installed, supplemented with System 850 modules, with a one-piece hygienic top.
  • Equipped with the Ambach Electronic Control and the digital thermostats from Ambach, the temperature can be adjusted to an accuracy of up to 1°C, all processes and recipes can be displayed precisely, Electronic Control also enables all relevant usage and consumption data to be read out.
  • The Electronic Control enables the monitoring of the device status and energy consumption of all connected devices with the option for optimization if, for example, cooking devices are switched on at high temperatures all day. Any device failure is detected immediately and can be remedied by the technician before any disruption to operations occurs.
  • Another major advantage of electronic control is the smart regulation of the entire circuit: the system intelligently distributes the power to all connected consumers so that power peaks are reduced. The chefs don’t notice this optimization because it runs in the background. You can use all devices as usual.


Atelje Vina Šapat

Project: Atelje vina Šapat – Wine Atelier Shapat
Category: Fine Dining Restaurant
Where: Novi Slankamen, Republic of Serbia
Line: System 850
Partner: GASTRO-TIM d.o.o


Atelje vina Šapat has a very clear vision: with excellent cuisine, highly professional service and a unique customer experience, they want to establish themselves as a gourmet restaurant that will become a top name in gastronomy. That objective was reflected in the requirements for the kitchen equipment; not only did the solution need to meet demanding quality standards but also the aspirations for being a candidate for a Michelin star.  The aim of Atelje vina Šapat was to create a place in which every detail – from the equipment in the kitchen to the ambience of the dining room – meets the restaurant’s high culinary level and expertise.

The requirement

  •     The existing space needed to be optimized to accommodate all the high-end appliances required for a gourmet kitchen.
  • The goal: to use every available square centimetre in the kitchen to enable efficient work processes and deliver culinary excellence.
  •  The clever combination of the latest equipment technology and design creativity was configured for the kitchen in such a way that the chefs have enough free space to be creative.
  • The kitchen can be seen from the dining room, so the aesthetics of the cooking island needed to be coordinated with the style of the restaurant.

The solution

  • With careful planning, the cooking island was configured to maximise efficiency and ensure smooth working processes.
  • The dealer and planner Gastro Tim works closely with professional chefs to benefit from their expertise in the use of the latest equipment technology in top-class catering.For Atelje vina Šapat, a cooking island was developed using the expertise of both sides, which offers the absolute precision and performance of high-quality kitchen appliances and at the same time leaves enough free space for the creativity of the chefs.
  • An island was delivered, equipped with griddles, gas ranges and a salamander grill.
  • Every appliance, every specification and every detail of the design has been tailored precisely to the customer’s requirements.The design of the cooking block with gold knobs, black panels and brass handrail is perfectly adapted to the elegant ambience of the restaurant.
  • The design and production time of the cooking island took two months. The installation of the kitchen was under 5 days and was followed by a three-day training course for the employees.


Hotel Cervosa

Project: Hotel Cervosa
Category: 5 Star Hotel
Where: Serfaus, Austria
Line: System 850
Partner: MKS Falkner


The Tyrolean mountain village of Serfaus is situated in the midst of a breathtaking mountain landscape. At 1,427 metres above sea level, the 1,100-strong community of Serfaus is one of the sunniest holiday resorts in the Alps. It offers families, gourmets and sports enthusiasts summer and winter relaxation in a unique atmosphere, the holidaymakers here get both: todays highest level of comfort with the original charm of yesterday.

The Hotel Cervosa in Serfaus in the skiing and hiking region Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis has been owned by the Westreicher family for 60 years. Although much has changed in that time, their mission has remained the same: to provide their guests with an unforgettable holiday.

The passionate hosts ensure the guests unrestricted well-being, especially those with a love for gastronomy, in the Alps most endearing 5 star hotel. Morning starts with a wholesome breakfast buffet in athletes’ corner consisting of many hearty but healthy Tyrolean delicacies.  Lunch is typically in the wellness vitality buffet with a choice of sweet and spicy dishes and the day ends with a 6-course gourmet menu supplemented with salad, dessert selection and an exquisite range of cheeses from the buffet, if you have room. Guests can dine in seven differently designed rooms, from the rustic farmhouse parlour to the elegant salon from the imperial era.

The requirement

  • The customer needed high-performance equipment for his 5-star hotel in Serfaus. Fine cuisine is served to guests of the hotel around the clock. Natural gas was already available and desired by the customer. Therefore, the choice quickly fell on Ambach, as the manufacturer is known for both gas and electrical appliances with the highest performance.
  • 250 – 300 à la carte meals are prepared daily so the kitchen equipment needed to be ready and fast for timely service.
  • In addition to high quality and performance, the priorities for the customer included: efficient processes in the kitchen, maximum flexibility of each appliance in the tailor-made kitchen, high energy efficiency and hygiene standards as well as ease of use, benefiting from intelligent control systems.

The solution

  • The System 850 line from Ambach is a particularly flexible line, refined but suitable for everyday use and can be utilised in a wide variety of applications.
  • It guarantees maximum hygiene, all appliances are welded into the seamless hygienic cover.
  • Surfaces such as gas burners, fryer wells and grease drainage channels, have rounded corners with large radii making them easy to clean and base units are manufactured with welded/polished linings in H3 hygiene standard.
  • In accordance with the requirements of the à la carte kitchen, the cooking block has 14 open gas burners for maximum flexibility, a pasta cooker and a griddle plate with Ambach Thermoblock heating technology. 2 Bains-Marie, a Salamander support, and warming drawers on both sides of the cooking block were integrated towards the pass.
  • The 4-meter-long suite can be further extended by means of folding shelves on both ends when needed.
  • Due to the size of the cooking block, bespoke protective frames were manufactured to able an upright delivery of the block by the specialist kitchen installation team.
  • The block stands on a stainless steel plinth, which was also designed and manufactured by Ambach.
  • The timescale for completion of the project was extremely short at only two months – yet the kitchen was ready in time thanks to the excellent teamwork.
  • Project manager was Georg Falkner, successful in the implementation with the team of MKS Falkner



Progetto: Cipriani
Categoria: Restaurant
Dove: Istanbul, Turkey
Linea: System 850
Partner: Istanbul Makpa A.S.

There were many factors that made the Cipriani Istanbul a challenging but very special project.
Launched in October 2022 with a capacity of 110 seats, this beautiful restaurant is the result of collaboration between two world-famous chefs: Nusret Gökçe, an innovative chef and an unstoppable entrepreneur, also known as “Salt Bae”, the meat artist and Giuseppe Cipriani, third generation member of the family that owns the homonymous brand of luxurious Italian restaurants all over the world.
The iconic Maçka Palas building, built by Italian-born architect Giulio Mongeri in 1922 hosts the 5-star Park Hyatt Istanbul which is home for both the Cipriani and Nusr-et steak house.

The requirement

  • Given the high-profile brands behind the project, the expectations of quality, functionality and efficiency in the restaurant kitchen were extremely high.
  • The location and historical significance of the building together with the structural limitations, presented many obstacles regarding access to the building and kitchen area requiring absolute precision in the development of design solutions and in the choice of equipment.
  • The customer needed two continuous cooking islands: a larger one, about 5 meters long, to be used for first and second courses, including a bain-marie, pasta cooker and gas burners. The other smaller island was used for the preparation, appetizers and side dishes; it therefore had to include fryers, gas burners and a griddle.
    In addition, ovens and refrigeration equipment were needed to complete the kitchen.

The solution

  • For such a demanding project, Ambach and Istanbul kitchen contractor Makpa A.S. were chosen. The two partners already had numerous collaborations together and were chosen for their experience and expertise, to study solutions most suitable to exceed customer’s expectations.
  • Thanks to the flexibility of the Ambach System 850 line, the integration of various gas and electrical appliances into the same cooking suite, it was possible to manage the limited electrical supply of the building.
  • To overcome the logistical difficulties, the larger cooking block was produced in two separate modules, which were then assembled on site.
  • Within three months, all the kitchen equipment was complete. Installed, commissioned and staff trained. The programme was a significant challenge which required a commendable effort from the design and build teams, particularly considering the difficulties being experienced in the global supply of materials and components.



Project: Voi
Category: Restaurant
Where: Hannover, Germany
Line: System 850
Partner: Chefs Culinar


Modern, Italian, urban – the VOI in Hanover is located in the heart of the city, between the opera and the main train station, between the shopping mile and the grounds of EXPO 2000, the first world exhibition in Germany.

The new hot spot at “Thielenplatz” for connoisseurs of modern Italian cuisine offers its guests a combination of traditional Italian classics and dishes from all over the world – from pasta to fine dining followed by a cocktail at the bar. On the menu, for example, are beef strips fried in fruity olive oil on avocado cream or lamb fillet from New Zealand next to octopus on sweet potato puree and truffle ravioli in butter-sage sauce.

The requirement

  •  The client’s main requirement was for a double-cooking island with maximum hygiene.
  • For the back-to-back suite, a modular but hygienic solution had to be found that did not consist of a one-piece top.
  • To deliver the wide range of dishes on the menu, a variety of powerful appliances were necessary: for searing and cooking meat, frying pasta cooking.
  • The kitchen is visible from the dining room, so the design of the cooking island should match the style of the restaurant interior.

The solution

  • The cooking block was composed of two blocks of the System 850 line.
  • Maximum hygiene is ensured by the seamless and unique “True Hygienic Connection” system, in combination with H3 base substructures: The perfect solution.
  • The double cooking island is equipped with a powerful lava stone grill, a griddle, two pasta cookers with 8 kW heating capacity each, deep fryer (High Power Version), a four-burner gas range and two induction ranges with four cooking zones each.
  • A black control panel with the control knobs in stainless steel provides the desired look.
  • For the design and construction of the kitchens, Ambach worked together with the company Chefs Culinar.

Restaurant Giorgia & Restaurant Coccodrillo

Giorgia &


Project: Big Squadra, Big Mama Group
Category: Restaurant
Where: Munich & Berlin – Germany
Line: System 850
Partner: MC Küchen & Gastronomie GmbH, Marcel Cortenraad


Under the name Big Squadra, the founders of the Big Mamma Group, Victor Lugger and Tigrane Seydoux, together with their team, import the hospitable atmosphere of traditional Italian trattorias, with one hundred percent homemade, authentic Italian cuisine incorporating ingredients from artisan producers all over Italy. Giorgia in Munich and The Coccodrillo in Berlin are the latest two venues to open for the group, which currently totals 19 locations throughout Europe. Each opening has it’s own style but the common characteristic of every restaurant is the extraordinary and equally spectacular décor.

On the menu are delicious dishes such as fried cicilian arancini filled with caciocavallo cheese, creamy truffle pasta Mafaldine and of course wonderfully crispy pizza, topped with San Marzano tomatoes, Nduja salami and fior di latte. However, fish and meat are also served – all completely fresh and prepared in-house.

The requirement

  • The demands on the kitchens is high: Across the group, all dishes are freshly prepared every day – to maximise production, various appliances and flexible solutions were necessary.
  • For over 200 seats and homemade dishes every day, the restaurants definitely needed very powerful and versatile equipment.
  • To manage the high volume of Tempura cooking – fried vegetables, fish, and calamari – a very high quality fryer was required.
  • The cooking islands needed to provide sufficient working tables for food preparation with a continuous one piece top, and be easy to clean

The solution

  • Ambach System 850 island suite was designed and installed with all desired appliances.
  • The one-piece top with rounded corners and H3 substructures ensure perfect hygiene is simple to achieve.
  • For tempura, the fryer was specified with an electronic control system which precisely measures temperature fluctuations – This provides exceptional cooking results, rapid response, higher productivity and less oil consumption whilst being easy to clean down after service.
  • Also in the foreground was a round coil induction range with continuously adjustable power control, electronic pan size recognition and easy accessible, protected/ventilated electronic components.
  • No Italian restaurant is complete without pasta – the cooking island was specified with duel, high-power pasta cookers. The channel at the front keeps the water in the basin when the basket is removed and the drainage pipe is made of stainless steel for long-term durability.
  • The chargrill is electric – equipped with lava stone and water bath for exceptional contact grill cooking and also features a second griddle lift device for letting the food rest.Manufactured using cast iron, low smoke grids, continuously adjustable power control, tilting heating elements and large – water fillable – fat collecting pan.
  • Aesthetics were also carefully considered as the kitchen can be viewed from the restaurant and therefore needed to in keeping with the remarkable interior detailing.

Country House

Country House

Project: Country House
Category: Private villa
Where: Polland
Line: System 700 e System 850
Partner: Gastromax Polska

A prestigious private client in Poland was looking for an exclusive solution for their kitchen, with a refined and elegant design in line with that of the rest of his villa.

The requirement

  • Together with partner Gastromax Polska, Ambach supplied a kitchen from the System 850 line consisting of an island monoblock with custom finishes and refined details, including knobs and door frames with brushed brass finish to compliment the interior design.
  • The great versatility of System 700 and System 850 product lines enabled the creation of a bespoke solution to meet the client’s expectations within the available footprint. The island therefore was designed combining appliances from both ranges into one suite: One side utilising the Ambach System 850 line and the other side used Ambach System 700.
  • The client requested a mix of gas and electric appliances, gas ranges, lava stone grill, pasta cooker and griddles. It was also necessary to integrate two refrigerated benches into the island and include an electric oven, hot cabinet and warming drawers; all in line with the overall design required for the project.

The solution

  • Final positioning the island required careful consideration as it was necessary to handle the suite through a window, utilising specialist lifting equipment. Weighing nearly 1.6 tons, the island was lifted horizontally and moved with a 25-meter long arm into the kitchen space via a window where the tolerance was only 100mm.
  • The installation lasted 5 days and was followed by a training phase on the use of the equipment.
  • The project in its complexity lasted almost two years with the initial design starting in 2020.
  • The head of the Gastromax Polska team is project leader Przemek Cajbel

The Londoner


Project:  The Londoner
Category: Hotel
Where: Leicester Square – London – UK
Line: System 700, 850 & 900
Partner: Berkeley Projects Ltd

Located in the heart of London’s West End, The Londoner is a major new development on the World renowned Leicester Square.  Maximising the value of the location whilst complying with strict planning laws required innovative design solutions and resulted in a spectacular development with the deepest habitable grade commercial grade basement in London.  Amongst the deepest in the world, there are 6 levels below ground totalling some 30 meters in depth and with 9 levels above, housing 350 rooms, 35 suites, an underground pool & spa, cinema and a ballroom capable of seating 850 guests.  As you would expect there is also a variety of restaurant and bar options to choose from in this luxurious “super-boutique” 5 star hotel.
Inaugurated in September 2021, The Londoner has attracted great interest from the outset, hosting many well-known events, including London Fashion Week.

The requirement

  • It was necessary to make the best use of available space and maximize production through high-performance and flexible solutions with both gas and electric equipment.
  • The design needed to incorporate one-piece top suites, modular back to back islands and also included counter-top appliances for the finishing kitchens.

The solution

  • Thanks to the great flexibility of across the Ambach range, design consultant Humble Arnold Associates developed a solution that ensured compliance with the highest hygiene standards and that harmoniously incorporates the structural columns within the cooking areas of the building.
  • The selected equipment from the Ambach System 700, 850 and 900 lines supplied by the kitchen contractor Berkeley Projects is installed over 5 floors and includes the banqueting and staff kitchen, fine dining front of house as well as satellite kitchens, each with their own unique requirements for bulk cooking, a la carte and finishing.
  • ” Ambach have been nothing but consistent, from design intent, through to design development & delivery. A robust, honest, transparent approach from concept through to completion, inclusive of client handover. An absolute joy & credit to the Berkeley team” – Phil Denne, Managing Director – Berkeley Projects.
  • “Ambach were a pleasure to work with, the attention to detail and approach to coordination were fantastic, the quality of the suites were brilliant. Very hard wearing and easy to use. The chefs are over the moon” – Connor White, Lead Project Manager – Berkeley Projects


One & Only Portonovi


Project : One&Only Portonovi
Category : Hotel
Where : Montenegro
Line : Chef 850
Partner : Gastro-Tim

In May 2021 Kerzner International Group opened in Montenegro, the first European super luxury resort of One&Only Portonovi. Positioned at the entrance of Boka Bay, a fjord-like idyll on Montenegro’s Adriatic Sea, One&Only Portonovi is the jewel of Europe’s most fashionable new riviera. In addition to the hotel complex consisting of 113 rooms, suites and swimming pools, the resort has also a residential district of sumptuous villas, each with a private beach and pool. Perfectly in balance with the chic, waterfront location, World-class dining is offered by the à la carte restaurant ‘Sabia’, which bears the signature of Giorgio Locatelli, offering a refined and contemporary menu. In addition, the guest has opportunities to appraise the choices offered by ‘Tapasake Club’, Japanese restaurant, and ‘La Veranda’ with its authentic Montenegrin cuisine.

The requirement

  • High-performance kitchens were needed to meet the needs of the various restaurants: 116 indoor and 84 outdoor seats for ‘La Veranda’, 81 indoor, 64 outdoor and another 100 covered by the pool for ‘Tapasake Club’. Finally, another 15 seats inside and 28 outside for the bar.
  • Versatility – It was essential to combine the needs of very different kitchens by integrating multipurpose equipment.

The solution

  • Ambach proposed the Chef 850 line, capable of combining the demand for high performance
    and customization with exclusive finishes and unique details.
  • As required, to meet the different needs, Ambach integrated some special equipment: from pasta cookers to induction ranges, from multifunction bratt-pan to griddles and fryers, to name just a few.
  • In the kitchens of restaurant ‘Tapasake’, the modules of both islands are connected utilising the exclusive Ambach junction system, providing a waterproof junction between appliances and work-tables.
  • The unique solid and robust hygienic tops are able to withstand sudden changes in temperature and adapt perfectly to any type of configuration.
  • Thanks to the smooth surfaces, rounded edges and neutral bases in full H3 standards, Ambach kitchens have also proved to be the optimal choice in terms of ease of cleaning and hygiene

  • For the design and construction of the kitchens, Ambach worked together with the consulting company Gastro-Tim. Work began in 2019 and ended at the beginning of 2021. The total area occupied by the kitchens is more than 2000 square meters and also includes open kitchens with live cooking stations.

  • The communication between the partners involved was excellent. The overall result met the required delivery times and achieved the high level of customer expectations in terms of the quality and performance of both the Ambach product and the punctuality in the installation.